Several key points of motorcycle maintenance

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1. Engine oil

Engine oil is the first priority of maintenance. The correct choice of engine oil and the amount of oil added are very important.

2. Air filter

For a good car, air filtration is the lungs of athletes. Therefore, it is necessary to use a clean air filter. Once the air filter is damaged, dust and sand will all enter the cylinder through the carburetor (the same goes for electronic injection). If the wear ring and valve are blocked, it will cause insufficient power and increase fuel consumption. The increase in fuel consumption will inevitably cause black smoke from the exhaust at high speed. As long as the valve deposits carbon, the durability of the car and the power will be compromised.

3. Tires

The daily maintenance of tires is to clean the tread to keep the tread clean. Do not stuff stones in the pattern. The most important thing is that the tires should not be covered with water, wax or oil, because the oil has an affinity for rubber, which will cause the tire to crack and deteriorate. Your own safety, because motorcycles rely on pressure to achieve corners, tires are the most important.

4. Fuel tank

There are a lot of impurities in domestic gasoline. If you have time, you can remove the fuel tank once a year. Remove the oil switch, pour out the bottom scale, dry the oil tank and reinstall it.

5. Carburetor

Ibid. The carburetor has been used for a long time, and some impurities will accumulate in it. You can loosen the drain screw under the carburetor to make the impurities flow away with the gasoline. If the carburetor leaks, it must be repaired and replaced in time. Once the carburetor leaks, gasoline will leak into the cylinder. If you push, the gasoline will leak into the crankcase and dilute the oil. If you just like to pull up and spin, then your car is not far from being scrapped. This is why cars with common carburetor problems are given to others. The reason for calling a garbage truck.

6. Battery

It is best to recharge the battery once every six months. Turn off the headlights every time you hit the car. Raise your hand.

7, shock absorption

The front shock absorber basically changes the shock absorber oil once a year. The shock absorber oil can use the shock absorber oil of famous car manufacturers, and the effect is very good. In addition, the quality of the current domestic oil seals is still not very good. Don't be greedy for cheap, it is easy to leak oil after a few intense driving. When changing the oil seal, the oil needs to be changed again, which is time consuming, laborious and costly. Although the price of the original oil seal is high, it saves a lot of unnecessary troubles and is the most cost-effective in the long run. If the rear shock absorber leaks oil, replace the oil seal when the core is not spent, but once the core is spent, you can only replace the assembly.

8. Valve

This is strange, how to maintain the valve? The answer is yes, many cars need to adjust the valve clearance within the rated kilometers. The original repair manual is marked. However, most maintenance technicians do not know how to adjust or are unwilling to adjust, which requires the rider to find a suitable technician to adjust the valve clearance. If riders in some remote areas really have no conditions to adjust, they must be careful not to frequently drive in extreme conditions during the use of the car.

9. Spark plug and ignition wire

I think if you care more about the ignition circuit and have a little budget, it is necessary to invest in a few modified high-voltage cables and a set of iridium spark plugs. If you have a large budget, a set of imported high-voltage cables is indispensable. If you like the price-performance ratio, don't change it when it is unnecessary. Then, the starting performance of the car, the ignition performance in a humid environment such as rain, and the fuel economy will be much more ideal. The throttle response will be more sensitive.

10. Crankset chain

Generally speaking, maintenance with drips of engine oil and other lubricants are just primitive methods, because these oils will easily stain the chain with dirt and dust, which will increase the wear and tear, and will splash everywhere. Yes, very indecent. The correct method is: spray chain oil. There are two types of chain oil, one is similar to ordinary oil, but relatively sticky. The other is like a white powder and will not splash. Of course, the second type is the best. Chain oil only needs a thin layer of spray to maintain more than a thousand kilometers. It is also very cheap, and the shelf life is basically extremely long, so there is no need to consider storage. In this way, the chainring of your car can be used for several years without worry.

11. Brake pads

As long as the brake pads are used more than 2/3, they must be replaced. You can’t wait until the basic polishing or all the polishing is completed. The first is the safety issue, because when 1/3 of the brake pads are left, the heat energy of the brake is quickly transferred to the base of the brake pads, which will easily cause the brake friction material to fall off. Cause an accident. The second is the wear of brake discs. As we all know, brake discs are very expensive. It is definitely not worth the loss to wear expensive brake discs in order to save brake pads. In addition, if you have the opportunity, you can change the brake steel hose if you have the conditions, which will definitely improve safety and brake feel.

12. Circuit

For circuit maintenance, do not cut the wires of general circuits randomly. Also, don’t just add electrical appliances to the car to increase the burden on the car. Bulbs such as turn signals and brake lights are now sold with LEDs. Can be replaced with LED. On the one hand, it reduces the burden on the circuit, on the other hand, it also saves valuable power.

13. Waterway

For water-cooled cars, it is best to use genuine antifreeze. One is that the waterway is not prone to problems, and the other is that the cylinder will not freeze and crack in severe cold areas. If the water in the water tank of your car is clean, you must step up to clean the water channel. Water tank cleaners are sold in major auto parts cities. Please ask yourself what brand and model you need.

14. Gasoline

The compression ratio of basic large-displacement multi-cylinder vehicles is generally higher, and higher-grade gasoline is recommended. If there is really no high-standard gasoline, then it is also possible to buy fuel additives that increase the octane number produced by major manufacturers. There is no problem in use, but the horsepower of the vehicle may be slightly reduced, but this is currently the best solution known.