Why is the fuel consumption of motorcycles getting higher and higher?

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The car has been used for a long time, and the fuel consumption is getting higher and higher? Is it natural aging or improper use?

In fact, most motorcycle fuel consumption problems are caused by hidden problems of vehicles. Today, regardless of the road conditions and driving habits, which vehicles have hidden problems that lead to increased fuel consumption.

1 Low tire pressure

If the working pressure of the tire is too low, the amount of sinking will increase, the edge load of the tread will increase, the shoulders will wear prematurely, and the rolling resistance will increase, which is not good for fuel saving and tire saving. Regular inspection of tire pressure is necessary in terms of safety and fuel economy.

Different types of motorcycles have different tire pressures, and the front and rear wheels, as well as single and double driving, require different tire pressures. However, it is generally not possible to adjust the tire pressure every single or double driving.

For a professional one, you can judge from the air pressure gauge and the tire pressure on the tires. The editor uses a family motorcycle as an example. The front tire of the straddle and curved beam of about 125 displacement is about 2.25, the rear tire is about 2.75, and the front tire of the scooter is about 2. 2.00 The rear tire is about 2.50.

2 The oil viscosity is too high

Engine oil with a higher viscosity will increase the resistance of the engine's internal operation, and the oil flow rate will be slower, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Choosing a suitable viscosity oil can also effectively control fuel consumption. If you are not sure what viscosity oil is suitable for your car, please refer to the vehicle manual.

3 The air filter has not been replaced for a long time

If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will seriously affect the air intake of the engine, resulting in insufficient engine power and increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that all car owners clean or replace the air filter on schedule.

4 The spark plug is in poor condition

After the spark plug is used for a long time, the carbon deposits increase and the spark plug gap also increases, which can lead to poor ignition performance, reduced engine power, and increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that you distinguish the replacement cycle according to the material of the spark plug: ordinary (copper core or nickel alloy) 30,000 kilometers, platinum (platinum) 60,000 kilometers, and iridium 100,000 kilometers. (for reference only)

5 Oxygen sensor failure

When the oxygen sensor fails, the oil-gas mixture ratio will be affected. Not only is the fuel consumption obvious, but the color of the tail gas may darken, the emission is not up to standard, and the carbon deposit may increase sharply during driving.

6 Engine carbon deposits

As long as the car is driven, carbon deposits will naturally occur, and it is everywhere. The most fundamental solution is to regularly do a full range of engine carbon deposit cleaning for your car. However, it seems that there is no professional place to clean the carbon deposit of motorcycle engines. Even with this service, the price is quite expensive. It is recommended to add genuine maintenance or cleaning fuel additives to the fuel tank of your car on a regular basis to avoid long-term low-speed riding, and occasionally pulling at high speeds, which can effectively reduce carbon deposits.


The fuel consumption of a motorcycle is not only about your money bag, but also reflects the running state of your car from the side.

Pay attention to the running status of the motorcycle at any time to eliminate potential hazards in time. Only paying more attention to the details can reduce the situation that your car loses its temper and throws you on the road.