Maintenance methods to make motorcycles more fuel-efficient

Date:2020-08-12 Hits:

Now that gasoline is getting more and more expensive, motorcycles are almost unable to burn, so how to make motorcycles fuel-efficient has become a major issue. To save fuel, a good technical condition is definitely a must. Today I have sorted out the seven tips, let’s see if it helps.

1. The air filter element should be cleaned frequently. Nowadays, most of it is a dry filter element. It is often blown with high-pressure air or an inflator to keep it unobstructed and replaced if necessary. Only a "clean" filter element can ensure that sufficient air smoothly enters the cylinder body to fully burn fuel and reduce fuel consumption.

2. The engine should be fully lubricated, and the engine oil should be changed regularly to reduce friction and energy loss when the engine is running. Engine oil should not be greedy for cheap roadside goods. You must find out the source and choose the genuine one, otherwise the high mark will be useless.

3. Reasonable tire pressure is an important factor for fuel-efficient driving. The tire pressure must comply with the regulations in the manual. If the pressure is insufficient, the tire will produce unnecessary energy consumption and increase fuel consumption. If it's too full, just this weather, hum...

4. For carburetor vehicles, it is necessary to adjust the idle speed to the standard value range to avoid the situation where the idle speed is too low and the vehicle is easy to stall, and the engine needs to be repeatedly started to cause fuel waste. At the same time, too low idle speed will affect the lubrication effect and cause accidental wear of the parts.

5. Ensure good ignition performance of motorcycle spark plugs. If the ignition performance of spark plugs is found to be poor, replace suitable spark plugs in time. For those spark plugs that cost one yuan and two yuan, let me forget it. You can calculate the production cost by yourself and what good materials can you use!

6. When camshafts, valves, valve rocker arms, piston rings, cylinder blocks, clutch plates, etc. wear out, they will increase fuel consumption and should be replaced in time. This is more professional, and it is already in the scope of overhaul.

7. Do not install a wind deflector on the front bumper. Installing a wind deflector will increase the resistance of the vehicle when driving, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Needless to say, everyone knows it.